Niepołomice in a nutshell

Niepołomice is situated just 25 kilometers away from the centre of Cracow. Apart from the town itself, the municipality comprises...
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Niepołomice brings associations not only with an old growth forest, bisons or its glorious and eventful past. The pride of...
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Grunwald Mound

According to Jan Długosz’s Chronicle, on 11th November 1411, a year after the battle of Grunwald (1st Battle of Tannenberg),...
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The history of Niepołomice is closely related to the history of the castle which used to be a favourite summer...
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Niepołomice Forest occupies an area of about 120 square kilometes between the Vistula and Raba river which makes it the...
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Parish church

The parish church is the oldest building on Niepołomice dating back to the town’s origins. It was founded in 1350-1358...
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Royal Castle

The construction of a stone castle in Niepołomice was started in the mid 14th century on the order of King...
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Sport in English

In Niepołomice every sports enthusiast can find something to their taste. One can choose from a wide variety of sports...
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Among the tourist attractions of Niepołomice, the most prominent one is the Royal Castle. Its renovated interior provides a venue...
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Town Hall

The neo-Gothic town hall in Niepołomice was built in 1903 by a famous architect Jan Sas-Zubrzycki. Its construction was commissioned...
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