Niepołomice brings associations not only with an old growth forest, bisons or its glorious and eventful past. The pride of the town are also large and spectacular business investments. They provide jobs not only for the town’s population but also for many people from neighbouring villages. Council tax revenues constitute the main contribution to the municipality’s budget. Thanks to these funds and the assistance from business sector long-term investment programmes can be planned and cultural events can be organized.

Since 1990 our municipality has been pursuing an active investment procurement policy. Good location, infrastructure and atmosphere are the reasons why entrepreneurs are willing to invest their money here. Since 1992 Niepołomice has attracted a number of large companies and industrial corporations such as Coca-Cola, HMS (now Staco), Oknoplast (Poland’s largest manufacturer of windows), Royal Canin (producer of animal food), Nidec (manufacturers of micromechanisms for automotive industry) or DHL, well-known German forwarding company. The greatest success came with the opening of a MAN (one of the world’s largest manufacturers of commercial vehicles) plant.

Currently the Niepołomice Industrial Zone, along with two smaller industrial zones in Ochmanów and Wola Batorska, occupies an area of more than 500 hectares.

However, Niepołomice’s economic landscape is made of not only large companies. Apart from them there are over 1500 smaller businesses: shops, service providers, banks and small-scale producers which altogether provide a considerable source of revenue and provide many jobs.

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