The parish church is the oldest building on Niepołomice dating back to the town’s origins. It was founded in 1350-1358 by King Casimir the Great and consecrated on 4 October 1358.

Originally it had a hall nave with a vault supported by two central pillars. The chancel with long narrow Gothic windows and the so-called “old vestry” are the sole remnants of the original building.

In 1690, after a fire, it was rebuilt. The central pillars were removed and the Gothic vault was replaced with a Baroque one. Lancet-shaped entrances to side chapels were converted into arched ones made in black “Dębica marble”.

In the late 18th century the church received some major changes to its interior such as the addition of stucco decorations depicting the Garden of Eden, Moses with Tablets, and the Evangelists St. John and St. Luke to the inside walls.

Worth mentioning are also the chapels on either side of the main nave. On the southern side is the late-Renaissance Blessed Virgin Mary’s Chapel built in 1596, also known as the Branicki Family Chapel. On the other side is an even more impressive Baroque St. Carolus Boromeus Chapel founded by Stanisław Lubomirski in 1640. Cardinal Karol Wojtyła, future pope, had special reverence for this chapel as St. Carolus Boromeus was his patron saint. A 25,000-piece mosaic depicting Pope John Paul II was unveiled in the church on the 650th anniversary of its consecration.

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